Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coin

Combination of automobiles and blockchain solution

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coin

Combination of automobiles and blockchain solution


The future of electric vehicles and autonomous driving vehicles

In Rethink X's 2017 report, 'Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030', it was revealed that an average of one hour of driving time can be usefully used as users are freed from driving through autonomous driving. If you want to read a book or view a smartphone in the car, an electric vehicle with relatively little vibration is essential.

As such, if the contents of various reports are summarized, about six advantages of self-driving electric vehicles can be derived.

  • Electric vehicles are easier to control than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • The design of autonomous vehicles becomes easier.
  • Advantageous for fault diagnosis.
  • Electric vehicles are much more advantageous in usability in autonomous vehicles because they have less vibration.
  • Electric vehicles are more suitable for sharing vehicles.
  • Usability can be improved through wireless charging


Smart Contract

The advantages of blockchain come from a decentralized system that reduces time and conflicts as there is no need for an intermediary between participating stakeholders.
However, there is a problem that it is difficult to add more value than a distributed database only with a transparent, consensus-recorded, and shared ledger.
There is a need for a way to implement business logic based on shared data.

Smart contracts operate in a way business logic existing in the form of code is automatically performed when certain terms of transaction agreed between the two are established and the final performance result is determined by agreement.
Therefore, it provides greater security than traditional transaction methods and reduces transaction costs due to the absence of an intermediary.


Advantages of smart contracts

Smart contracts do not require third-party intermediaries, so they basically give you full control over the contract.
This is because documents are stored securely on a shared ledger that is encrypted and secured. Moreover, you don't need to trust the other person, and you don't need to expect them to trust you either.
Cost Savings
Thanks to smart contracts, there is no need for notaries, real estate agents, advisors, applicants, and numerous other intermediaries.
A properly implemented smart contract is extremely difficult to hack. The perfect environment for smart contracts is protected by complex encryption, so it keeps users' documents safe.
The use of smart contracts can save a lot of time that is normally wasted in manually processing mountain piles of documents or sending or transporting them to a specific location.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coin

Characteristics of HEVC

HEVC will be an electric vehicle that mines cryptocurrency by incorporating blockchain into the automobile industry.
In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, "It is not impossible to mine virtual assets using vehicle computers built into Tesla electric vehicles," and Tesla electric vehicles such as Model 3 and Model S have built-in vehicle computers with strong computational performance.

In addition, solar roofs can be used to install panels on the roofs of automobiles and use solar energy, which is renewable energy, to contribute to electric power. In that case, HEVC will use three types of energy.
It uses fuel, electricity, and sunlight to drive using the charged battery power during the day and to mine cryptocurrency while stopping in a parking lot at night. Because GPU.CPU is installed in the car, it is possible to mine designated cryptocurrencies other than HEVC.

HEVC’s role
Transfer of vehicle ownership (P2P transaction)
Transferring ownership from a seller to a buyer is a very complex process.
In the case of used cars, since there are various asset movement paths, a lot of effort is required to manage them. Accordingly, it has a structure in which a considerable number of middlemen have no choice but to intervene.
Insurance Compensation Processing
Current insurance claims processing requires complex paperwork, submission, and review.
When such information is stored in a blockchain (distributed ledger), the same information can be shared among insurance companies, repair shops, hospitals, and administrative agencies, thereby increasing transparency.
Personal Adaptive Platform
The DID document and the documents 1) 2) above are converted to NFT and stored on the individual platform, and the documents can be easily sent when performing P2P transactions. Individuals can store HEVC wallets on the platform and use HEVC platform services.
HEVC and Cryptocurrency Mining in Vehicles
Mining uses electricity and solar energy.
The energy accumulated in the vehicle can be mined in conjunction with CPUs and GPUs inside the vehicle, can be mined when not driving, and real-time mining information can be checked through applications linked to the platform.
HEVC Distribution and Liquidity
  • HEVC can be obtained through mining, and when mining is completed, it can be received in HEVC’s personal wallet.
  • Listed on the Exchange: Listed HEVC tokens on the exchange.
  • Swap system: HEVC can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. (Other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for HEVC)
  • Fee: ① When using the Swap system ② When transferring HEVC

Token information

Token Information

Token Name
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coin
Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Cap


Token Allocation

1,000,000,000 HEVC
Team & Partner
500,000,000 HEVC
Internal Holding
250,000,000 HEVC
1,000,000,000 HEVC
R & D
250,000,000 HEVC
Total Issuance
3,000,000,000 HEVC


  • 2022.2Q

    Project team composition

    Producing the project website and WHITE PAPER

    issuance of HEVC (Scheduled)

  • 2022. 3Q

    HEVC platform design complemented (Scheduled)

    HEVC platform development in progress

  • 2022. 4Q

    HEVC platform development complement (Scheduled)

  • 2023. 1Q

    Completed construction HEVC platform ecosystem (Scheduled)

    Completed HEVC distribution and liquidity establishment (Scheduled)